MCT 1.3.2 Conduct Amphibious Operations.  To conduct an attack launched from the sea by naval and landing forces, embarked in ships or craft involving a landing on a hostile or potentially hostile shore.


  MCT 1.6.1 Conduct Offensive Operations.  Take the initiative, gain freedom of action to allow swift transition from one action to another and to put the enemy at risk throughout the depth and space of the battlespace.  Defeat, destroy or neutralize the enemy force by taking the fight to the enemy in such a way as to achieve victory at least cost.


  MCT 1.6.4 Conduct Defensive Operations.  Take action to defeat an enemy attack.  Buy time, to hold a piece of key terrain, to facilitate other operations, to preoccupy the enemy in one area so friendly forces can attack him in another, or to erode enemy resources at a rapid rate while reinforcing friendly operations.


  MCT Conduct Stability Operations.  Stability operations are conducted to help establish order that advances U.S. interests and values.  The immediate goal often is to provide the local populace with security, restore essential services, and meet humanitarian needs.  The long-term goal is to help develop indigenous capacity for securing essential services, a viable market economy, rule of law, democratic institutions, and a robust civil society.  The overarching purpose is to promote and sustain regional and global stability. Stability operations tasks are best performed by indigenous, foreign, or U.S. civilian professionals, however, U.S. military forces shall be prepared to perform all tasks necessary to establish or maintain order when civilians cannot do so.  Tasks include:  rebuilding indigenous institutions including various types of security forces, correctional facilities, and judicial systems necessary to secure and stabilize the environment; reviving or building the private sector, including encouraging citizen-driven, bottom-up economic activity and constructing necessary infrastructure; and, developing representative governmental institutions.   This task includes prepositioning operations.