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Click here for information on the French Fourragere and why we wear it.

July 11, 1917
The 2d Battalion was created in order to send more reinforcements to France

Oct. 1917
The battalion is trained and ready for war at this time.

Jan. 19, 1918
2d Battalion goes to League Island, Philadelphia in order to head out to France as part of the 4th Brigade, American Expeditionary Force.

March 26, 1918
The battalion saw combat action for the first time. It consisted of rebelling light attacks, such as light attacks, such as trench raids, and conducting constant patrols.

June 6, 1918
The battalion took part in the attack in Belleau Wood, west of Chateau-Thierry. This is one of the most famous battles that brought honor and commendation to the Marines Corp. The 5th and 6th Marines were cited in the Orders of the French Army, and awarded the Croix de Guerre with Palm.

July 19, 1918
2d Battalion finished their part in the battles by the Soissons-Chateau-Thierry sector. Because of their brave performance the 5th and 6th Marines earned their second honor when cited in the Orders of the French Army Corps and awarded the Gilt Star to the Croix de Guerre.

Sept. 2, 1918
Received orders to St. Mihiel as part of the first wholly American grand offensive.

Sept. 12, 1918
The advance on Limey began.

Oct. 1918
Participated in operations in the Champagne Sector and earned their third citation in the Orders of the French Army, the second Palm for the Croix de Guerre, and the French Fourragere to honor the Marines who earned this honor through blood and sacrifice.

Nov. 1-11, 1918
The Battalion took part in the Meuse-Argonne operations. It marched to the Rhine River, crossing the Rhine on the 13th of Dec, were it took positions for the occupation.

June 19, 1919
Returned to Quantico, Virginia after being a part of the 2nd Division Parade in New York. The Parade was reviewed by Major General John A. Lejeune

Aug. 20, 1919
2nd Battalion is deactivated for almost three years.

June 12, 1922
2nd Battalion is reactivated at Quantico, Virginia.

6th Regiment fought in the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Oct. 31, 1924
The Battalion is deactivated again.

March 26, 1927
The battalion is reactivated in Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They're then ordered to join the 3rd Brigade on expeditionary duty in China.

April 17, 1927
The battalion sailed from San Diego and arrived to Tientsin China on the 6th of June.

Jan. 1929
The 2d Battalion is relieved from guard duty and relocated to San Diego, CA.

March 31, 1929
The battalion is deactivated.

Dec. 1, 1934
The battalion is reactivated.

The battalion participated in fleet maneuvers in the Central Pacific.

Aug. & Sept.1937
The battalion deploys to Shanghai, China in the Central Pacific.

Feb. to April 1937
The battalion returns to San Diego, CA.

Feb. 1, 1941
The battalion was part of the primary infantry unit for the 2nd Brigade when the Brigade was re-designated to the 2nd Marine Division.

May to July 1941
The battalion is reassigned to the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade and deploys to garrison Reykjavik, Iceland against German invasion.

March 1942
The battalion returns to San Diego and is reassigned to 2nd Marine Division.

Fall 1942
The battalion sails to Wellington, New Zealand where it begins to have advanced combat training.

Nov. 21, 1943
The battalion lands on Guadalcanal and quickly becomes a vital influence in the final days of that campaign.

June 15, 1944
The battalion fights on Saipan in the Marianas Islands.

Sept. 1945
The battalion deploys to Nagasaki, Japan and takes part in the occupation of Japan until July 1945.

Aug. 1946
The battalion is relocated to Camp Pendleton, CA and was reassigned to the 3rd Marine Brigade in September.

July 1947
The battalion is reassigned to the 1st Marine Division.

Oct. 1, 1947
The battalion is deactivated again.

Oct. 17, 1949
2nd Battalion, 6th Marines is reactivated at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Aug. 6, 1950
The battalion is deactivated and reactivated twenty days later to become a part of the 2nd Marine Division again.

Oct. 1953
The battalion participated in the landing in Lebanon.

Dec.1960 to May 1961
OPERATION SOLANT AMITY I - "G" Company 2/6 United Nations Support & Congo Crisis Famine Relief and UN Troops emergency evacuation. President Kennedy's People to People program. Show flag vs Soviets growing expansionist threats and emerging proxies to African Continent. Visiting West Coast African Nations, South Africa, Spain, Canary Islands, Brazil, Trinidad 3rd Platoon G-2-6 Detached to Navy Destroyer USS Gearing DD710. Others of G Co. Detached to Destroyer USS Vogelgesang and Oiler USS Nespelen.

Jan - Feb 1961
Santa Maria Incident 3rd Plt G-2-6 aboard USS Gearing DD710 Participated, first to encounter, in the Search and Rescue of Hijacked Portuguese Passenger Ocean Liner by Terrorists, claiming to sink Liner with 600 Passengers aboard.

Oct. to Dec.1963
Took part in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Feb. to June1983
2nd Battalion, 6th Marines became part of the Multinational Peace-Keeping Force in Lebanon.

Oct. 23, 1983
The battalion returns to Beirut as relief for the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines after the bombing of the Marine Barracks.

March 3, 1989
2nd Battalion, 6th Marines was deactivated and placed into a cadre status.

July 23, 1994
2/6 was reactivated at Cuzco Wells, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Then took part in Operation Sea Signal, the security and processing of Haitian migrants.

Sept. 1994
The battalion's main force returned to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to provide security for Cuban migrants.

Oct. 1994
The battalion was relieved of its humanitarian duties and returned to Camp Lejeune.

Sept. 1995
2/6 is sent to support UN and NATO Peace Keeping operations in the Formar Yugoslavia.

Sept. 1995 to Feb. 1996
2/6 serves as the tactical reserve for Operation Joint Endeavor Implementation Forces (IFOR) and on numerous occasions as the stand-by TRAP force for Operation Deny Flight. Battalion received the Joint Meritorious Unit Citation.

April to May 2000
Echo company and elements of H&S (STA) deploy to Kosovo and take part in Operation Dynamic Response.

Feb. 2003 to May 2003
The entire battalion deployed and took part in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Aug. 2003 to Apr. 2004
The entire battalion deployed to Okinawa, Japan for a UDP. 2/6 became a part of 4th Marines and got the chance to see the beautiful Mt. Fuji.

Aug. 2004 to Jul . 2005
The entire battalion becomes part of the 4th MEB and acts as the Anti Terrorism Force for the US.

Sept. 2005 to Apr. 2006
The entire battalion deployed to Fallujah Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.